Services - Coaching

Coaching provides an opportunity for individuals to give focus to and reflect on their personal development journey within an organisational context and operational realities. It is a development opportunity for individuals, that is shaped by the individual to meet their learning needs. Coaching with E-J HR Consulting engages with the whole person and their felt experience. It provides an opportunity for the individual to reflect deeply on desired and required goals or outcomes, whilst also exploring the factors that impact on achieving them.

For people managers at all levels, and particularly senior leaders & business owners/founders, having a space to reflect on your own development can be a challenge. Added to which, finding someone within your organisation with whom it is both appropriate and where you can step outside of the roles & responsibilities you have and be more authentic enough to have a useful conversation, is even more challenging. Coaching, particularly if you are senior leaders or business owners/founders, can provide you with a critical friend and a sounding board, as well as a safe space to reflect on your development, the challenges and issues you are facing with someone who understands your organisational context but is not in it and has no vested interest.