Services - Management Development Essentials Programme

The Management Development Essentials Programme is designed to support organisations improve line management capability. Whilst it is focused on managing performance, the skills that line managers will develop are transferable across all areas and requirements of people management.

The programme is structured around 3 Pillars and contains a number of modules. The three Pillars are;

  • Systems & process
    This is the foundational Pillar focused on the performance review process
  • Setting exceptions & standards
    This Pillar contains 2 modules that look at two key ways that managers & leaders need to set expectations and standards in terms of work, behaviours and values. The focus of the modules within this Pillar are on writing objectives and job descriptions.
  • The Art of Communication
    The focus of this Pillar is on helping managers and leaders to develop their coaching skills and their effectiveness at having courageous conversation, to support them in managing their people better.
    As part of this Pillar, once the main part of the programme has been completed, 121 coaching is offered to delegates to help support them with their individual development needs and to embed their learning.

The programme is designed to be delivered through a series of virtual and in person modules, and can be adapted to meet specific organisational requirements.