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Psychotherapy & counselling offers individuals an opportunity to build meaningful and intentional connections- with their own emotional world and felt experience, their body and their thinking. In turn, this facilitates individuals being able to connect with others and manage specific challenges in their life differently. It allows people to be more intentional about how they want to show up in their own world.

Increasingly, organisations are focusing on employee wellbeing. There is a growing awareness that the challenges and issues that employees are grappling with do not just get left at home or outside of work, but impact on how individuals show up in the workplace. There is also growing understanding of the link between mental / emotional health & wellbeing and physical wellbeing. They are intrinsically linked, ‘housed’ in the bodies of the whole human beings who walk into work on a daily basis. Whilst there is a clear business case for offering employees access to psychotherapy and counselling services, the challenge for many (SME) organisations is finding an offering that is both cost effective and provides access to high quality, highly trained relational psychotherapists.

E-J HR Consulting works with a network of highly qualified and experienced, accredited psychotherapists who offer either face to face or online psychotherapy. We can offer bespoke packages ranging from ‘one off’ support for an individual, to organisational wide packages based on your employee headcount. Whatever the offering, you would know your costs upfront and your employees wouldbe comfortable that they have the freedom to access psychotherapy confidentially.