The most typical ways of engaging with E-J HR Consulting are;

Project basis

  • E-J HR Consulting will work with the you to define the scope of the project, project outcomes and the support required from the Provider.
  • Costs for project work will be calculated on a day rate.
  • The Client will be charged in increments of no less than half a day.

Programme delivery

  • E-J HR consulting will design and deliver workshops/learning interventions to reflect the desired learning outcomes.
  • Cost of the design and delivery of workshops/learning interventions will be as outlined in the proposal document. Variations to these costs will typically only be if the Client requires extra delivery sessions, the scope of the project changes or additional work is requested.


  • E-J HR Consulting will work with individuals to provide coaching support over an agreed period of time/number of sessions.
  • The Client will be charged in whole hour increments