How I can help

Do you find yourself, more often than not, focused on the ‘urgent but not that important’ and not the ‘important but not urgent’? Do you feel like you’re lurching from one crisis to another, without time to breathe?

Do all decisions seem to come through you? Do you have team members who seem unwilling or unable to make the kind of decisions you would expect, so you have to?

Or do you have a team or department where there always seem to be ‘problems’ - people join but do not stay for very long, a particular name seems to crop up but nothing ‘specific’ enough for you to take action? Have you tried to address the issue/s or are you worried to the point of inaction, because you’re not quite sure what to do and fear the consequences of getting it wrong?

Do you have someone who you feel is critical to your organisation but whose performance, behaviour or attitude leaves a lot to be desired?

Do your capabilities as a people manager, or those of your people managers, leave something to be desired?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, E-J HR Consulting can help you address these types of issues and others. We can help you shape and operationalise your people strategy, so that everyone knows what direction they are heading in and what’s expected of them, in terms of values, behaviour, standards and expectations. We also offer 121 coaching for people managers, as well as development programmes delivered virtually or in person, bespoke for your organisation.

Whether you need support to create a more cohesive and focused management team, or upskilling of your people managers as your business grows and becomes more complex, E-J HR Consulting can help you.

Do contact E-J HR Consulting for a free, no obligation call to discuss your people management & leadership needs.

'Helping senior teams to focus ON the business and those that need to focus IN the business’'